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The concept
Inspiring individuals to work collaboratively can be quite a challenge. In fact, it takes a couple of key authentic tools to understand how to create and develop an effective team where everybody works toward a common goal. The below competences are developed within the concept.

Self- and social awareness
In a team-oriented environment, everybody contributes to the overall success of the organization. That means, you as a team member has to know about your emotions and their effects. Being confident in your abilities – and knowing their limits. Being sensitive – and responsive – to other colleagues feelings, needs and requirements and your own ability of reading the mood of the group.

Self- and relationship management
Authentic Teamwork is about knowing how to manage your emotions, how to keep disruptive impulses in check and stay poised and positive, even in difficult situations. In relationship management it is about the ability to influence each other, handle conflicts and to develop, lead and work with each other.